Miss ya , Aloha From Hell

11. listopadu 2010 v 18:35 | Princess C. |  My Diary
I miss the times when i thought that Aloha From Hell will be the most popular band ever . Where are you, AFH? Miss ya . Can't forget the moments when you gave me smile . But still, thank you for being there when no one else was. I know, there are many bands instead . But . AFH is the start of everything . I remember the day when my father gave me their CD . I was the happiest girl in the world. U know why? They were like my inspiration, they were always here for me ..
So, Aloha , even if you're gone , you will always be in my heart . Gosh , i remember those happy moments when i found out your new songs . ^^ And now? Nothing . Just shits .
Now i love more bands, of course . One Night Only, The Pretty Reckless , Oasis, Beatles .. but you will always be the one . Promise . <3
Viv, u were my inspiration . I always wanted to be like you and hug Fellix one day . Damned . You're all in this photo . Viv, Felli, Moo, Andy, Max. <33
I loved ( and still love! ) your rock outfits in live shows .

That's just it. I was different before . I loved EMO style ( gosh , it's gone, promise! :D ), Avril Lavigne ( okay, i still like her, but only some of her songs ), Green Day .. But my heart was same as it is now. And my heart beats for music . Part of my heart beated for AFH . Awesome, awesome, awesome.
( The last song is called ' Girls just wanna have fun ' . Maybe u know version of Cindy Lauper of Miley Cyrus )

( zleva: How come you are the one , You , Don't Gimme That | Rock version , Walk away , Wake me up , Don't hurt yourself , Girls just wanna have fun )

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1 Veronica. Veronica. | Web | 11. listopadu 2010 v 18:49 | Reagovat

Děkuju ♥. krásný děsign :))

2 Mikaela* Mikaela* | Web | 11. listopadu 2010 v 19:06 | Reagovat

doufám že ten lay nebudeš hned měnit zlato ♥

3 AlbertBix AlbertBix | E-mail | Web | 6. června 2018 v 12:41 | Reagovat

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